A Artist in the Class Room

Hey, my name is matt, Have you ever had an artist in your classroom? well I have anf it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We made historic masks with anne from shadowland. She taught us how to make masks from a CARDBORD BOX :p then when we were finished we had to make a historical presintation. And present it to the class. ours was a based on war and how laura secord told the British (canadains) about how the americans were makeing a plan to attac.

I have to thane my TeacherMiss Tara Huchinson and Anne From shadow land

Mattthw thomson

Blog Audit :)

This week I’m going to do a blog about my blog. I think my blog is one of the best in my class :D. I have done most of the challenges all togetheer I have rote around 17 posts. I have about 2 that are school based received around 14 comments 🙁  the post that had the most comments was  the my favourite food post. The posts that I liked was the after school post, and the Jon Boat post (please comment on them) 😀 . I liked writing these posts because they both involved fishing I love fishing more than anything in the world 😀 . if you think I can improve my blogs more please comment 😀


MY FAVOURATE MUSICIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.







Hello my name is Matthew and I love rock, alternitive  and classic rock music.

My favourite rock /classic rock musician is Rush. They are a Canadian band from Toronto. I like Rush because they are from Canada, and they play this music that you wouldn’t think only 3 guys could play. Their names are Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart. Geddy Lee is on vocals bass and synths. Alex Lifeson is on guitar he also does back up vocals (if needed). And Neil Pert plays the drums. these 3 guys make one of the best ROCK bands in rock and roll history.

I like listening to alternative music but I don’t have a favourite alternative band. Here are some of my favourite alternative bands; Cake, Foster For The People, Beck,   Sinéad O’Connor,Mumford and Sons, and The Happy Mondays. I like alternative music because it is like rock music but not quite like a happy medium. I also like alternative music because it sounds like rock with the guitar and the drums but there is more sounds like synths and more technical instruments. that is why I like alternative music.


My Favourate Foods.

I have two favorite  types of foods – meat and candy. My favourite candy is Mr. Big chocolate bars. I love Mr. Big bars more than my mother. I like Mr. Big’s because they have the perfect mix of peanuts, carmel and chocolate. My favourite food is deer/venison. My family has hunted a lot so I have had a lot of game meat. So you would think I have developed a taste for it. My family prepares it many different ways but my favourite i
sausage and pepperoni. That is my favourite food.

My Favourate Colours

My favourite colours are CamoPurple, and John Deere green.I like Camo because I love to hunt and the colour camo reminds me of hunting. I like purple because it looks good on m, And it just is an awesome colour. I like Jon Deere green because when I was a kid I loved tractors ( my first word was tractor) but anyway  loved tractors. Especially Jon Deere tractors. Whenever I look at John Deere green it reminds me of when I was a kid and how much I loved tractors.



30 Sec Apple Pie!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to tell you how to make the best snack ever. This is very secret DON’T TELL ANYONE. My friend Ryan made the  recipe but I perfected it. First get a “Nutri-Grain” granola bar. Then you put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. The last step (the easiest) you eat it. I think it is good. It tastes like an apple pie. This also works with other flavours of granola bars. Such as strawberry, blueberry, mixed berry, and raspberry.

After School Activities!!!!!!!!!

Today I’m going to tell you about what I do after school. Mostly every day after school my friend Jayden and I go fishing. When we go fishing after school we usually fish near the boat launch. It’s the best spot because you can see the bottom and you know when you have to set the hook because you can see the fish come and bite on you lure. We catch a whole bunch of different species of freshwater fish. Our two favourite species are bass and perch. Today we got the day off because it was the fair day. I got home from the fair at three,  Jayden and I went fishing as soon I as I got home. Jayden was using a plastic tube and I was using a plastic grub. Jayden caught a decent size perch. I caught a decent bass about one and a half pounds, I also caught a big perch. That is what I do after school.

Finish My Story………….

Once upon a time there was a 30 year old fisherman named Chris. He loved to fish more then he loved his wife. He loved fishing so much that he sold his house for a 25 foot “skeeter” bass boat with a 250 “Mercury Pro,XS“. He didn’t have a house so he had to get a tarp and put it over his boat so he could sleep comfortably if it started raining. He also had to get a blow up mattress so he could sleep better. It got so bad that…………………………………….